The Key2Free offers a variety of non-residential and residential services. All of our programs use the same application. Please click on Apply Here to access the application packet. Please contact us with any questions you might have. Please e-mail your completed application to or contact 844-312-3733, Ext. 1.


Our non-residential aftercare program is for survivors of sex trafficking, at-risk youth and their families. Each survivor has a support team which consists of a case manager, survivor advocate, and access to weekly counseling. Survivors have access to our educational and life skills program, Launch2Freedom (more information below) as well as mentors. The goal of this program is to assist survivors on their path to freedom by gaining successful independence. Areas of focus include finding affordable housing, education, job readiness, and more.


This 8-week training program is designed to launch individuals toward self-sufficiency helping to reduce the number of women who re-enter the commercial sex industry. The program addresses life skills, financial literacy, self-defense, job readiness, fitness & physical health and mental health. The program is offered twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.


Awake2Freedom is a one year residential program for adult survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation and their families. Through the course of the program each woman will have the opportunity to find healing and empowerment through a safe living space, individualized programming, a supportive advocate, access to the Launch2Freedom program, and much more.  

Stories of Restoration: 

"I found something REAL that I'm actually good at...something I can do that I LIKE to do!"


"The Key2Free gave me my first Bible and showed me what God says about me...who He says I am."


"The Key2Free helps me feel good about myself so I don't have to look for approval from other people."


"I was scared for my life most of the time, but I learned I had the strength to fight...I survived."