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To find out more about our programs, go to the "About Us" tab to learn!

Please read ALL of the following before submitting a Referral. 

These are the steps to connect with our organization:

1. You (or somebody on your behalf) will need to fill out our Referral Form (this is our initial contact). This link is at bottom of the page. 

2. After you have completed the Referral,  the individual who is interested in joining Key2Free programming will recieve a phone call (or another safe form of contact) from our agency (within 2-3 business days) to schedule a time to do an over the phone Application. The application is a series of questions to ensure that Key2Free programming is a good fit!

3. After this Application with a Key2Free staff member, our team will review and get back to the applicant within 11-12 business days about the status of their application. 

*Please note: Our process from start to finish is approximately 14 business days. 

*In the Referral, please list phone number and email address if possible.


1. There are two options when filling out the application; either apply for yourself, or as an advocate through a shelter. Please select which is relevant to your circumstance. From this point, responses will generate. 

2. After Step 1, please continue to fill out the form. After you have completed the form, please click "Submit Form" on the right side of your screen. If you do not press "Submit Form," we will not receive your Referral. 

3. A small box will appear at the top of your screen stating "record received." We will process your Referral as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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