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Get Involved 

Become a KEYper

If you are interested in serving the ministry through services, please consider the following capacities we currently are in need of and become a KEYper;

  • Transportation

  • Weekend Support 

  • Grocery Shopping 

  • Mentorship 

**and many more!

All of our volunteers are required to pass a background check and complete various trainings provided by The Key2Free before becoming a KEYper. 

Partner With Us 

Are you wanting to provide services or goods to support the healing of survivors of sexual exploitation? Consider partnering with us!

Learn More

The Key2Free offers two levels of trainings available by appointment only;

Human Trafficking 101: An introduction level training about the realities of Human Trafficking. 

Human Trafficking 301: Building upon HT101, this course dives deeper into detail about Human Trafficking.

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